HVAC Services

Hvac Services

We also offer a range of ventilation services for commercial and residential properties. These range from managing kitchen extraction fans to stair pressurization systems and include kitchen exhaust fans and smoke extraction fans.
Leveraging our knowledge of the regional climate and the stresses that places on HVAC systems allows HOMIES to propose and execute effective management plans.
Within Air Conditioning, we are accustomed to managing Fresh Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units, Split A/C Units, Heat Exchangers (External Cleaning and Flushing) and Heat Recovery Wheels.
Chilled Water is an absolute necessity for HVAC systems and HOMIES is able to cost effectively manage chilled water pumps and systems.
Another key component of building management is maintaining garbage chute systems and garbage extraction. Not handling this area correctly can quickly compromise the health and comfort of building residents. HOMIES HVAC division is well placed to take on these challenges and we do unobtrusively for many of our clients.