Air Conditioning Services

Our experts in installing, servicing, and repairing air-conditioners (AC) report that common issues with air-conditioners are as follows:
• The filter and or condenser coil of an air-conditioner is unclean.
• The evaporator coil is frozen.
• AC has a low level of refrigerant. Refrigerant is a substance present in the evaporator coil of your AC. It is used to remove heat and humidity from the room the AC is installed. If the substance is low, the AC will not produce enough cooling.
• Refrigerant is leaking.
• Ducts are leaking.
• The fan has performance problems.
• The thermostat is incorrectly calibrated.
• Heat and moisture drain is clogged.
Usually such problems arise due to incorrect installation or poor maintenance and servicing of air-conditioners. Since many AC technicians are often not enough qualified, you cannot always trust their advice in fixing such issues. Technology is evolving and making things more complex.
Our AC technicians are highly skilled with decades of experience in the field. They are available to serve your needs in almost all areas of UAE.

Below are the services provided by us –