Facility Management Services

HOMIES is one of the most reliable and forward thinking building maintenance companies in Dubai and the UAE that operates with the motto of ‘prevention is better than cure’. Our expert engineers and staff have solid preventative maintenance systems and programs in place to ensure that buildings experience minimum future disruption From core engineering services Our primary focus is on maintaining, enhancing, and extending the life of critical assets and infrastructure within facilities. This protects the value of the property as well as minimizing operating costs and risks. We understand that every business or facility has different challenges and our breadth of experience puts us in a unique position to anticipate and address those challenges as well as being able to leverage our scale and cross-sector knowledge. We are able to provide our MEP solutions , HAVAC services and Civil work as well as a standalone service or as part of an Integrated FM offering.

Below are the three types of FM offering by HOMIES:

HVAC Works Services

MEP Works Services

Civil Works Services