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HOMIES provides a vast and extensive range of property management and maintenance services throughout the UAE. Our clientele spans across various sectors and industries. We serve and cater to residential, retail outlets and small to large commercial clients. We have an experienced team that is highly trained and eligible to handle all kinds of works. Our expertise in several fields has helped numerous clients over past many years and will help countless more in the years to come. Our staff and technicians are fully equipped to not only deliver but also to advice, suggest and guide clients with regards to various issues such as troubleshooting and various preventive and reactive measures. HOMIES is not just a service. HOMIES is an experience.

  • Timely

  • Quick To Respond

  • Responsible

  • Honest

  • Conscientious

  • Flexible Price

Our Success Rate

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Nothing measures better than numbers. So here is some of our statistics that displays our successful feats that we have managed to achieve in our years of operating in the local market


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An Inspiring Story

About Us

Take a deep dive and understand the legacy behind the setup and development of HOMIES. Understand the philosophy that drives the exponential growth of our organization.


HOMIES aims to lead the local market in terms of providing technically cutting-edge, safe, proficient, Integrated quality FM solutions that will cater to a diversified industry sector with an insight to continually improve and excel in providing solutions leading to safe, improved and efficient infrastructure.


Our mission is simple and clear. HOMIES commits and delivers solutions in various fields that will be economical, secure, transparent, progressive and bearing better than expected results.

Our Specials

What makes us Unique

Learn about our secret recipe that has not only made us stand apart from the competition but also allowed us to prosper and expand on the local horizon.



Our staff throughout the organization have been nurtured, trained and developed to create a beautiful synergy that not only allows us to prosper externally but internally as well.


Quality Services

We understand to maintain our existing client base, we need to deliver. Deliver – great service, unmatched performance and challenging rates. To strive to become better than the best. Thats the HOMIES Mantra.


Innovation Solutions

We are always finding out what next is on the horizon. We are always pushing ourselves to test the limits and venture further to achieve methods and technologies that will benefit all.


Privacy and Safety

Privacy and Safety are often overlooked but are extremely important elements for any service provider especially for us. We strive to make sure that the privacy and safety of clients and our staff is always maintained.